Top 5 Health Issues In Pakistan

Health Issues

Top Health Issues In Pakistan is the most widespread issues in Pakistan nowadays. Pakistan 5 Health issues Pakistan arenas are facing lots of health issues due to eating habits, work burden, mental and physical problems, no exercise and gaming, etc.

1-Eating Habits A Great Issue

Eating habits are one of the top Health Issues In Pakistan. People eat unhealthy food at the wrong time. They eat too oily and spicy food which not only harms their stomach but also causes lots of diseases. Most people do not make their breakfast properly which causes great problems in their later life. Eating unhealthy food, junk foods, and also less use of water, fruits, and vegetables causes many health issues.

2-Work Burden Effects Health

Another health issue in Pakistan is the work burden. Most people work too much and take less time for their rest and entertainment which becomes the reason for health issues. Mostly women work from morning to till night without any rest which soon makes them old and tiresome. While some people waste their time resting and on useless activities which also make them fatty and lazy. They don’t work in tough times and hardships.


3-Mental And Physical Problems

Mental and physical problems are one of the leading health issues in Pakistan. Here people do not take attention to their mental health especially. It is very complicated to understand that mental diseases are very harmful compared to physical diseases. It is considered shameful to go to a psychiatrist or to give treatment for mental issues. The weather in our country is hot and has variations in seasons in different areas. People do not take it as a good opportunity to enjoy the seasons. A routine checkup is not a famous habit among Pakistanis. Self-medication is another health issue in Pakistan.

4-Exercise And Gaming

One other health issue in Pakistan is the lack of exercise and games. They don’t take time to exercise and games in their daily routine life. Exercise and games our bodies fit and healthy. But we think it is useless or a waste of time which causes health issues.


As human beings,  we must take due consideration of our health. We must take time for our diet plan, daily work, and leisure time. Mental and Physical health also wants due consideration. As Pakistani,  we must make our nation healthy and prosperous.

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