How To Improve Health .

How To Improve Health is the basic need of life.If we wants to live long healthy life we have to make due importance to our Health by using some measures.Here are some tips How To Improve Health.If we change our life style according to these tips we can live a healthy and batter life.

Healthy Diet Plan

How To Improve Health, diet plays an important role .People do not take much care about diet.They eat alot and too much calories they intake on daily basis.Some people not eat balance diet Lack of fruits ,vegetables ,nuts and meat make us ill and unhealthy.Due to poverty people do not eat good and balance diet .While some people eat too oily and faty food which make us unhealthy.To Improve Health, good diet and food make us healthy .

Daily Exercise And Game

How To Improve Health, daily exercise and games are very important.If we want to live healthy life we must exercise daily and take part in games on daily basis.Exercise and games make us healthy.These affect diet to take good affect on our health.Daily exercise and gaming make us fit and keep us healthy.It keep us active and smart.

Good Sleep

How To Improve Health good sleep plays an important role to keep us healthy.It is very essential to take 8 hours sleep a day.Who do not take proper sleep do not live good life .Mental health has a great role in physical health .The people who do not take good sleep face lots of physical and mental issues .And some people sleep alot i.e more than 8 hours also face lots of health problem.

Working Time

How To Improve Health the next point is Working Time .Too much work and less rest make our life boring and tiring.To make our life healthy and happy we must rest and do not give much time to work .Some people waste their time on leisure and rest ,they also waste and damage their health.If we do not take suitable time to our work ,it will make our life difficult and uneasy and due to these difficulties we  face many health and economic problems.

To sum up, if we want to live a healthy life we must act upon these instructions to make our life batter .Health has a main role in living good and happy life .So we follow these steps to take good diet ,daily exercise ,good sleep and working time we can Improve Health and life.


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