Corona Virus A Great Issue For The World

Corona Virus A Issue For The World. This image is about Corona Virus test.The people donot test the covid and not make precautions about this disease which creat a great harm for the whole world.This image is about Corona Virus test .Corona Virus Is A Great Issue For The World from last 3 years .The whole world is affected with its attack .If people start testing and use precautions ,than they will be save from it.


Corona Virus is a great issue for the whole world for the last 3 years. People are not only facing problems in health but also in the economy due to this disease. Economy Disaster Due to the coronavirus the economy of the whole world was affected badly. The business sector, jobs (public or private), farming, household business, etc damaged in that time of disease. People do not work in shops, factories, offices, malls, farms, or even at home. This virus damaged a lot of economies in all sectors of life in the whole world.

Health Issues

After the great spread of corona virus the social life of the people stop .People do not go out to meet friends,to attend functions,for outing and even for shopping or to get basic needs of life.This stop in life causes lots of effect on physical as well as on mental health.People on the whole world get retarded of their boring and restricted life causes various loss in health and money.

Educational problems

Due to covid 19, the education sector was also affected a lot. The classes system, exams system, and study of the students stop which causes great harm to the students and also for institutions. All the world’s education systems are bound to online study systems which have lots of issues also.
Population Growth
It is also a bitter reality that due to the coronavirus population growth increases within the last 3 years. The birth rate of the last 3 years of the world shows that instead of lots of problems the growth of the population increased.


The corona virus also brings the problem of poverty at the world level. Unemployment also prevailed in every undeveloped and underdeveloped country of the world. With this disease the poverty rate increases which mostly affect the lower class.

Bad Habits

Another effect of the coronavirus is the increasing rate of bad habits such as bribery, snatching, thief, jobbery, corruption, etc. People who have no money and earning resources start bad and illegal work to fulfill their needs.

Political Condition

Coronavirus also affects the political condition of every country at the international level. Politics also face many challenges in this era of covid. Lots of changes came at the national and international levels at the inner and outer levels of the country

Future Policies

Future policies and planning which were made at the government level also change due to covid 19. The UNO and the many large and major organizations plan effect due to this disease.

To conclude, the coronavirus not only causes damage to lower levels to a higher level but also affects every sector of life with pros and cons.


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